Early Musical Education for children aged 2 to 5

Myself and the music – that is how I would like to entitle this course. We immerge into the colourful world of music. We listen, we sing, we play, we dance and by doing so we experience music in various ways as well as ourselves within the music. Along the way the children learn to stand their ground, to listen to each other and to be respectful of others. Every child does as much as it wants and is able to do. To be silent – to be loud, to be quick – to be slow, to show off oneself – to integrate into the group... all of those have their place in the lesson. We sing together, accompany the songs with gestures, with instruments, invent new lyrics, play the songs' stories - for every child there is a way to join into our activities.

Content of the course:

  • to sing and to recite verses
  • movement to music
  • to play easy instruments
  • to listen and to get to know music
Sabine Erzer sabine(at) Rahel Bosshardt Tel. 061 681 74 90